7 Tips on Taking a taxi in Beijing

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7 Tips on Taking a taxi in Beijing


1,The first and the most important thing to note is that only specific colored taxis are genuine. Even though the color differs from one city to another, checking the color is very important. If you are a visitor, you should avoid less-reputable taxis. No matter the city you are visiting, there are many reliable taxis to take you wherever you want to go.


2,Hailing a taxi is just like any other country. You can do it by waving or just standing near the selected taxi stand. Most hotels and restaurants have cabs outside waiting for customers. However, they might be a bit expensive than the normal taxis. It is, therefore, better to get to the street and hail one.


3,Always insist for a receipt “Fa Piao” when using Beijing rides. “Fa Piao” is a receipt in Chinese. This will make you safe in case you feel the driver is not genuine. With a “Fa Piao,” it is easier to report misbehaving taxi drivers. And maybe, if the driver is found guilty, he may be forced to return your money and even pay a fine.


4,If you are visiting Beijing for the first time, the best choice is to book a hotel-limousine. The other way is to engage the hotel help-desk, and let them write in Chinese the hotel you want to go. This is because there are many “Black” cabs found at the airport. The drivers of those taxis are rude, charge more and some can gang up to take advantage of tired travelers.


5,For instance, fare from the airport to major hotels should cost approximately RMB150-180 max. Ensure you do not pay more. Also, if a taxi driver asks you to get out of the taxi in any other place, not the hotel’s entrance, do not get out. Let him drive the main driveway. Happily, most hotel entrances have CCTV cameras to identify the taxi number and driver. So in case of any issue, it will be easier to report to police.


6,Another safe way is to have a hotel name card written in Chinese. Make sure the taxi driver sees the card before getting in. Also, when leaving a hotel, make sure you have a card/note written in Chinese indicating where you are going. If the taxi driver does not know the place he will just say he cannot take you there. If a driver does not know the place but he is willing to take you, you should tell him to use the meter. Ask him to clear it before driving away. If he is not ready to do that, look for another cab.


7,It is also essential to have a smaller bill or loose change when paying taxis. This will make things easier, and good when giving tips. However, you can also round up the money. You should expect to pay more for luggage, or when going to the airport. Also, a taxi can have a maximum of four people.