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Badaling Great wall, located in Yanqing County, is 80 kilometers northwest from downtown Beijing. There are Badaling expressway for you to reach the scenic spot with only 1 hour. How to get to Badaling Great wall from Beijing? This article will show you the way. Badaling is known as one of the nine great passes in the world. It is the best preserved and the most representative section of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. Badaling Great wall is the earliest section of the Great Wall openning to the public. Badaling Great Wall is the symbol of Badaling scenic area, where Badaling restaurant, Great Wall Circle Vision Theatre and China Great Wall Museum nominated by former President Jiangzemin are constructed. Badaling scenic area is famous for its magnificent scenery, comprehensive facilities and profound history. Badaling boasts a superior location. It has been a significant pass to Shanxi, Inner Mongalia and Zhangjiakou since ancient time. In 1998, Badaling expressway is constructed, making the traffic convenient. What is more, the annual average temperature in Badaling is 3℃ lower than downtown Beijing, making it the leading scenic spot of Yanqing in Summer. Badaling Great wall, located in Yanqing County, is an important pass […]

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It’s about 18km from Beijing Capital International Airport to the City Center. There are 3 ways for you to get to the city center from the airport. 1. Airport Express Railway The airport express has 4 stops: Dongzhimen (Station transfer for Line 2 and 13), Sanyuanqiao (station transfer for line 10), T2 and T3. Time: T2: 06:35-23:10 T3:06:20-22:50 Dongzhimen: 06:00-22:30, Interval: 10 Mins/shift Pick-up point: NO.2 parking lot of T2 (2GF) NO.3 parking lot of T3 (2GF) Ticket Price: RMB 25 Station Transfer Reminder: Sanyuanqiao Station connects to Subway Line 10. Dongzhimen Station connects to Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 13 2. Airport Bus Ticket Office and Pick-up location: T1: inside NO.7 gate (1F) T2: outside NO.9-NO.11 Gate (1F) T3: Exit of A Area (2F), Across from C Area, Next to NO.5,NO.7 and NO.11 Gate (1F) Line 1: Capital Airport-Fangzhuang Route: Capital Airport, Liangma Bridge, Baijiazhuang, Dabeiyao (International Trade Bridge), Panjiayuan, Shili River (Jingrui Building), Fangzhuang (Zifang Road). Operation time:AM07:00-AM01:00 the next day Ticket price: 20 yuan/person, 25 yuan/person, 30 yuan/person Interval: 30 minutes Line 2: Capital Airport-Xidan Route:Capital Airport, Liangma Bridge, Baijiazhuang, Dabeiyao (International Trade Bridge), Panjiayuan, Shili River (Jingrui Building), Fangzhuang (Zifang Road). Operation time:AM07:00-PM12:00 Ticket price: […]

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airport express train
Located 32 km to the northeast of Beijing town center, Beijing Capital international airport is the main international airport which serves the whole of Beijing. There are some means one can use to transfer from this Airport to Beijing city center. 1,Using the Airport Express Train You can transfer from Beijing Capital airport to the city center using the airport express train or the other way round. It is certainly one of the fastest and most economical means of transfer between the airport and downtown. One single trip for one person costs RMB 25. 2,Using the Airport Shuttle Bus Beijing airport bus transfer is also the most economical means of getting to the Beijing city center from the Capital Airport or the other way round. City travelers can take advantage of the round trips provided by the airport shuttle between Xidan and BCIA / Wangjing/ Fangzhuang / Beijing Railway Station / Shangdi / Zhongguancun / Gongzhufe and so on with convenience. Those travelers from the nearby cities in Beijing can also delight in the round trips between Qinhuangdao and BCIA / Beidaihe/ among others. For those who will prefer using the airport bus in their transfer, you should take note […]

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beijing taxi
7 Tips on Taking a taxi in Beijing   1,The first and the most important thing to note is that only specific colored taxis are genuine. Even though the color differs from one city to another, checking the color is very important. If you are a visitor, you should avoid less-reputable taxis. No matter the city you are visiting, there are many reliable taxis to take you wherever you want to go.   2,Hailing a taxi is just like any other country. You can do it by waving or just standing near the selected taxi stand. Most hotels and restaurants have cabs outside waiting for customers. However, they might be a bit expensive than the normal taxis. It is, therefore, better to get to the street and hail one.   3,Always insist for a receipt “Fa Piao” when using Beijing rides. “Fa Piao” is a receipt in Chinese. This will make you safe in case you feel the driver is not genuine. With a “Fa Piao,” it is easier to report misbehaving taxi drivers. And maybe, if the driver is found guilty, he may be forced to return your money and even pay a fine.   4,If you are visiting […]

7 Tips on Taking a taxi in Beijing

The Mutianyu Great wall is regarded as the most beautiful part of great wall, it would be a pity if you leave Beijing without seeing it, this article gave 5 options on how to travel from Beijing airport to Mutianyu Great wall. As the matter of fact, there are no direct train or bus going to Mutianyu Great wall from airport, you will have to transit buses a few time to get there and the single journey is about 60 kilometers and would take you more than 4 hours for sure, if you don’t have enough time for taking the public transportation, We would highly recommend you to use our private round transfer from airport to Mutianyu Great wall. Our driver will drive you to the foot of Great wall in about 2 hours and help with all the problems you might encounter, Such as buying the entrance ticket for the wall and Guide you to the ferry bus station where you can take bus to get to the foot of Great wall. Our driver will be waiting for you at exactly the place where he drop you off, and you will easily find the way back to our vehicle.Besides […]

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Tianjin Cruise Home Port is the earliest home port opening in the North of China. Along with Dongjiang Port in the South and the neighboring Tianjin Port, it creates the greatest free trade are in the region. Tianjin home port welcomes many vessels from all over the world, such as Costa Classic, Ocean Princess, Oceania Nautica, Arcadia, Celebrity Millennium, Crystal Symphony, Azamara Quest, Volendam, and Sapphire Princess. It is currently home to either “Caribbeans” or “Costa Cruises” and more. This port provides a variety of service in lounging, handling luggage, custom, and ticketing.Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is an essential calling port for nearly all of the cruise journey to Asia. View our Tianjin Cruise Home Port To Beijing Transfers & Tours

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

Gubei water town
  Option 1:Mr orange transfers provide comfortable, safe, affordable and reliable transfer service between Your hotel in downtown Beijing and Gubei water town. Book a private transfer from Beijing to Gubei water town Option 2: Visitors can take a tourist bus heading to Gubei Watertownfrom Dongzhimen at 9 am, 12 pm or 3: 3o pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, there is another bus that departs at 2 pm. It takes approximately two hours and charges CNY 48 per person. Option 3:Visitors can take Subway Line 13 or alternatively Subway Line 2 to Dongzhimen Station. Then take bus 98o Express of bus 98o from Dongzhimen Transit Hubto the Miyun Bus Station. From there they can take either of three buses (Mi 5o, Mi 51, or Mi 37) to Simatai Village then take a walkto the nearby entrance.   Information about Gubei water town: Located in Gubeikou Town inBeijing’s Miyun County, Gubei Water town encompassesthe gorgeous Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and is just next to the most perilous and majestic section of the Great Wall known as The Simatai Great Wall. Gubei Water Town has a rich mix of mountains, ancient villages, and water making it the ‘Wuhzen in Beijing’. The town is known for its northern architectural design and the culture and history of the Qing Dynasty and […]

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Beijing capital airport
Book one way private transfer between your hotel and Beijing capital international airport China is one of the top rising nations in the world, and it is also the home for some cultures. China is also the home for various architectural sites, and also the food here are world famous. China has its very old history of about 5000 years, and the ancient civilizations here are considered as one of the best and old in the world. China is also a famous tourist spot in the world, and furthermore, there are many wonders, historical sites, cuisines and especially the Great Wall of China which is one among the Seven Wonders of the World. Beijing Capital International airport was inaugurated in 1958 and is the main international airport in Beijing, China. It is operated by Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited. It serves as a hub for China Southern Airlines, Air China, and Hainan Airlines. It has three terminals and serves some airlines operating fleets to different global destinations. The Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) has rapidly raised the ranks in recent years to become the busiest airport in Asia (regarding passenger activity) and is currently the third busiest in the […]

Beijing capital international airport

How to get from Tianjin cruise port to Beijing? This article gives four options that you can travel easily from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing. 1,Our Shuttle Bus Service from Tianjin Cruise Port The journey from Tianjin Port to Beijing is 170km into the centre of the city, or 180km to the Beijing Capital Airport on the outskirts. It takes around 2.5 hours, and you can travel the distance quite quickly in a bullet train or taxi, but in many instances the best solution is to take our shuttle bus, because it is just as quick as a taxi, but the cost is shared between other travellers. In this article, we will cover the four ways that you can travel the 170km journey from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing. These include our Shuttle Bus Service, the bullet train, taxi and the public bus. This is naturally our most highly recommended option, because it is the best value for money, it is quite fast and means that you do not have to deal with your heavy luggage more than once! Your guide and driver will pick you up and escort you to your terminal at Tianjin Port. It takes about 3.5 […]

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