Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing Transportation Guide

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Tianjin Cruise Home Port is the earliest home port opening in the North of China. Along with Dongjiang Port in the South and the neighboring Tianjin Port, it creates the greatest free trade are in the region. Tianjin home port welcomes many vessels from all over the world, such as Costa Classic, Ocean Princess, Oceania Nautica, Arcadia, Celebrity Millennium, Crystal Symphony, Azamara Quest, Volendam, and Sapphire Princess. It is currently home to either “Caribbeans” or “Costa Cruises” and more. This port provides a variety of service in lounging, handling luggage, custom, and ticketing.Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is an essential calling port for nearly all of the cruise journey to Asia. View our Tianjin Cruise Home Port To Beijing Transfers & Tours

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

How to get from Tianjin cruise port to Beijing? This article gives four options that you can travel easily from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing. 1,Our Shuttle Bus Service from Tianjin Cruise Port The journey from Tianjin Port to Beijing is 170km into the centre of the city, or 180km to the Beijing Capital Airport on the outskirts. It takes around 2.5 hours, and you can travel the distance quite quickly in a bullet train or taxi, but in many instances the best solution is to take our shuttle bus, because it is just as quick as a taxi, but the cost is shared between other travellers. In this article, we will cover the four ways that you can travel the 170km journey from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing. These include our Shuttle Bus Service, the bullet train, taxi and the public bus. This is naturally our most highly recommended option, because it is the best value for money, it is quite fast and means that you do not have to deal with your heavy luggage more than once! Your guide and driver will pick you up and escort you to your terminal at Tianjin Port. It takes about 3.5 […]

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How to get the 72 hours free visa permit to Beijing: 1, At the ticket agent: When airline tickets are issued, tell the ticketing agent that you will need to apply for a 72 hours transit free visa. 2, At the counter of departure airport When check in the airport for your departure, request a 72 hours free visa to China from the check in counter. 3, Upon arrival When arrive in Beijing, request a 72 hours free visa from the Entry counter. The checkout Procedures from the capital international airport:     How  you find counter for 72-hour visa-free transit passengers? Your application for 72 hours free visa will be sent to the Entry Frontier Organization at Beijing capital airport via email before your arrival in Beijing, when get off the plane, You will be guided to the relevant counter for filling up the entry registration card and get a stamp on your passport as the free visa permit. If you do application for visa upon arrival, follow the instructions on sign to the immigration counter, choose the line for 72 hours free visa and get the stamp on your passport as the free visa permit. Sometimes the passengers […]

72 Hour Visa Free Transit Policy