Forbidden city

Functions & Effects: This was a fire protection facility in the Forbidden City at the time. A long time ago, people came up with a way to put a large tank in front of the door in order to save the […]

Copper vats in the Forbidden city

The hall of preserving harmony was used differently in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Before the grand ceremony were held in Ming Dynasty, the emperor used to change his clothes here and when the empero […]

The Hall of preserving harmony

Hall of complete harmony, The word complete harmony which indicate “neutralization” means that everything needs to be impartial and just right to make the relationship between the parties […]

Hall of complete harmony

The Hall of the supreme harmony, commonly known as the “Golden Temple”, is located at the prominent position of the north-south axis of the Forbidden city. It has a height of 35. 05 meters […]

Hall of supreme harmony

The roof form of Chinese architecture is rich and colorful. In the Forbidden City building, there are more than 10 different types of roofs. Take the three halls as an example, the roofs are different […]

Roof of Forbidden city

1, Why build the Forbidden city in Beijing? Story dates back to the First emperor in Ming dynasty, Zhuyuanzhang, He is originally from a very poor peasant family, When he was 14 years old, all of his […]

Forbidden city layout