Shanghai airport transfers

Shanghai has 2 international airports a thing that no city situated in China can brag. Pudong International Airport can handle 60% of the flights, while the rest 40% utilize the Hongqiao International Airport.These 2 airports appreciate advantageous transportation links with the city’s center. As international center points, there are general & direct international flights amongst Shanghai and the best European & USA urban communities.
Pudong International Airport
Located at the south bank of Yangtze River estuary in the city’s east, this airport, was completed in the year 1999, is about thirty kilometers (nineteen miles) far from the downtown area & forty kilometers (twenty five miles) from the Hongqiao International Airport. Altogether around fifty carriers have flights to more than sixty residential urban communities and more than seventy urban areas of different countries & locales.
It has 2 terminal structures & the second terminal (T2) was recently finished in 2008. There exists buses and various means of carrying between these terminals. 52 aircrafts worldwide has specialists in T2 and 13 carriers in T1.
Hongqiao International Airport
Situated at the city’s west, Hongqiao International Airport is only thirteen kilometers (eight miles) from the downtown area. It primarily handles the household flights. There are 2 terminals having 2 runways. Terminal 2 (T2) is open for public utilization from March 16th, 2010. 14 carriers are located in Terminal 2 (T2) & an extra 14 aircrafts are located in T1.

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