Things to do in Beijing

Things to do in Beijing

Planning a short layover in Beijing If you are ever transiting through Beijing for not more than 24 hours, you are permitted to go out of the airport and tour around without necessarily having to get a visa. Through this article, you will be able to learn how to plan your time for a short stopover. It will also enlighten you on the best places to visit in Beijing even if it is for a very short time. Timing The things that you will be able to see are dependent on the amount of time you have on your stop over. A large number of the sites are usually closed later in the afternoon. The weather is also another thing that you have to take into consideration as it usually gets darker much earlier in the winter time. The Beijing weather forecast is available on this site . The amount of time you have will also be dependent on where you are checked in for your next flight and whether your baggage is checked through. You can confirm all this from your travel agent. Ensure you get to the airport in time so that you check-in. It is advised that you […]

How to plan a short layover in Beijing

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7 Different Parts Of The Great Wall And Ways To Reach There If you are planning to visit Beijing, you should definitely pay a visit to the Great Wall. You can select from the wide assortment of original and restored sections which should be visited during the day trips from Beijing. Take a look at the different available options. The Great Wall is always beautiful, regardless of the season. A plethora of segments of the Great Wall is opened for people who come to visit the place. There are different attributes of every section. Few are considered to have a better shape in a comparison to the others. Some of them can be climbed at ease. Few segments provide toboggans, zip lines, trolleys or cable cars. This article comprises of few of the segments of Great Wall which are opened for the visitors at present: 1,Badaling Badaling is recognized to be the very first section of the Great Wall which was made available to the public almost 50 years back. It has gained high popularity in these days. It is crowded throughout the year and has been restored in a complete manner. It has a cable car which provides assistance […]

How to choose different part of great wall-7 options

The Mutianyu Great wall is regarded as the most beautiful part of great wall, it would be a pity if you leave Beijing without seeing it, this article gave 5 options on how to travel from Beijing airport to Mutianyu Great wall. As the matter of fact, there are no direct train or bus going to Mutianyu Great wall from airport, you will have to transit buses a few time to get there and the single journey is about 60 kilometers and would take you more than 4 hours for sure, if you don’t have enough time for taking the public transportation, We would highly recommend you to use our private round transfer from airport to Mutianyu Great wall. Our driver will drive you to the foot of Great wall in about 2 hours and help with all the problems you might encounter, Such as buying the entrance ticket for the wall and Guide you to the ferry bus station where you can take bus to get to the foot of Great wall. Our driver will be waiting for you at exactly the place where he drop you off, and you will easily find the way back to our vehicle.Besides […]

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Situated in Beijing’s Huairou District at least 73 km from Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the most symbolic parts of the great wall and among the 16 newest tourists’ attractions in Beijing. Having a unique construction with densely located watchtowers, Mutianyu has famous sections such as Ox Horn Edge, Jiankou, and Ying Fei Dao. While it was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty it was later restored to the Ming Dynasty. Today, it’s perhaps the best construction quality and the most preserved section. Features Constructed mainly in granite, Mutianyu Great Wall is 4-5 meters wide and 7-8 meters wide. As compared to other parts of the wall, it has some very unique characteristics in its built. Some of its most notable features include · With over 22 watchtowers, its watchtowers are densely populated. · Both its inner and outer parapets are designed with merlons hence shots can be fired to the enemy from both sides. · The Mutianyu Pass has 3 watchtowers with 1 big one and 2 small ones on both sides. · It has a large area of vegetation which cannot be compared to any other area of the wall. Tourists feature and the best time […]

Features of Mutianyu Great wall

As one of the most famous sites to see when visiting Beijing in China, the Forbidden City is a place that would transport just about anyone into the past. It has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 due to its incomparable beauty, and as the structure and the overall uniqueness of the palace is considered as a major part in history, it has been ensured that the establishment would be well-preserved in the years to come. The 178-acre Forbidden City, now referred to as the Palace Museum, was considered to be “forbidden” as it was only the emperor who was allowed to roam the location whenever he wished. Should a government official, a member of the imperial family or any other guest express their interest to visit, they should be granted the permission by just the emperor himself and no one else without any exceptions. This rule was applied during the reign of the 24 emperors who lived in the Palace during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the tradition starting out in the year 1420. It was said that the astronomers during the ancient Chinese era believed that at the center of heaven, a certain […]

How to get to the Forbidden city