China International Forum for Investment and Trade

China International Forum for Investment and Trade (short as CIFIT)

Approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, CIFIT takes place on Sept. 8th to 11th every year in Xiamen, China. Themed on Introducing FDI and Going Global, CIFIT focuses on nationality and internationality, investment negotiation and investment policy, coordinated development of national and regional economy, as well as economic and trade exchanges across the Taiwan Strait. CIFIT is currently China’s only international investment promotion event aimed at facilitating bilateral investment. It is also the largest global investment event approved by the UFI.



CIFIT focuses on presenting the investment environment, image, policy and business opportunities of China so as to attract more foreign traders to do investment in China. It also shows the investment environment, image, policy and business opportunity of foreign countries with an aim to promote more domestic enterprises to do investment abroad.

Application process

Sign in on the official website ( and apply for the project or fill in your investment intent. The committee will pair up in advance.

Exhibitor sources

Governmental departments, investment promotion agencies, business associations, enterprises and intermediaries from home and abroad.
Investment departments and project enterprises from provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and listed municipals of China.

Exhibition forms

Negotiation platforms are established for investors. Both the investor and financier will be paired up for “one to one” and “face to face” negotiation.

Introduction for exhibition hall

Xiamen International conference and exhibition center covers an area of 90,000 square meters. There are regional investment attraction pavilion and business investment attraction pavilion. It is planned to construct 6,000 booths with a total area of 130,000 square meters.


There is no ticket for sell. Citizens are supposed to apply for the invitation letter from the official website. The so-called tickets sold outside the center are actually the invitation letters. The price is about CNY 30.

Product types and themed pavilion introduction

Investment pavilion

Central exhibition area (negotiation area for key industry ): On the basis of the abundant resources of the “bringing in” and “going out” policy, and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up in China, it shows the relevant policies of key industries and fields and conducts the negotiation concerning key industries.
Domestic exhibition area: it promotes the investment policies, environment, projects and products related to project construction and investment of provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and cities in China.
International exhibition area: it mainly presents the investment environment, project, project trade and product services in the countries along the Belt and the Road as well as the BRICS.
China Foreign Investment Cooperation Area: this area is especially established for the enterprises extending business overseas, large-scaled central enterprises qualified to meet the requirement of going out policy, and famous private enterprises.
Financial and Investment Service Area: financial institutions at home and abroad participate in the exhibition in this area, such as banks, insurance, securities, money management agencies and equity transaction institutions.
Migrates, overseas study and legal services: overseas study agencies and legal agencies provide consulting services for oversea investors and legal policy services for participants who want to start business abroad.
First class land developer: these are the developers of excellent real estate projects at home and abroad, involving large area development, commercial and entertainment real estate, tourism real estate, infrastructure construction and hotel investment management.
Overseas real estate investment: migrate real estate projects from more than 150 countries.
Real estate service project: real estate service enterprises at home and abroad, involving real estate plan, architectural design, financial service, property service and so on, and providing effective exchange platform and considerate service.
Land investment summit forum: there are several summit forum with authoritative professors, and famous entrepreneurs discussing and analysis the current situation of real estate.

Construction and Building Material Pavilion

Construction Design: construction, plan, landscape design and interior design institutions and service agencies.
Prefabricated construction and project: there are participants join the exhibition in the field of national prefabricated construction base and leading enterprises, BIM technologies, standard design, industrialized production, fabricated project construction, information management, prefabricated concrete structural system, prefabricated steel structural system, prefabricated module system, lightweight steel construction integrated housing system, modern wooden structural system, full-furnish enterprises.
Construction project technique: Aluminium alloy module system, plastic module system, climbing form system, supporting system, attached scaffold, climbing frame and others.
Building materials: building new materials, metal materials, chemical engineering materials, glass materials, fireproofing materials, heat preserving materials, thermal insulating materials,  waterproofing materials, construction structure adhesive, construction waterproofing materials, leakage prevention materials, and sealing system.
Decoration materials: ceramics, floors, ceiling/curtain/wall and interior decoration, doors, bathroom accessories.
House exhibition area: famous enterprises in the field of prefabricated house, lightweight prefabricated house, module house, container house, wooden-structure house, alluminum villa residence, portable house, institution construction, construction materials and supporting decoration products.


How to get to Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center from the Airport?

1.You have to walk to T4 and take NO.949 bus (Xiamen North Station to Qianpu bus station). Get off at Mingfaxincheng Station and walk for 400 meters.
2.You have to walk to T4 and take NO.5 express bus (Tong’an junction station to Qianpu junction station). Get off at Qianpu junction station and walk for 1100 meters.
The whole trip will take you about 1 hour for 12 km.