Hire a car with driver to Wuzhen water town

Rent a car with driver for a 8 hours private tour to Wuzhen water town

General information:

  • Departure time: 8:00 am (Suggest time, subject to change based on your request)
  • Estimated returning time: 6:00 pm(Estimated returning time,Depends on your tour time at water town)
  • Tour duration:8 hours
  • Include: Driver, Fuel, Parking fee, Toll fee
  • Exclude: Lunch, Entrance tickets, Gratitude for a good job
  • Estimated Lunch expense: 120RMB
  • Main Entrance ticket: 150RMB/person
  • Gondola ticket
  • Dongzha scenic area: 160RMB/boat for 1-4 passengers, 240RMB/boat for 5-8 passengers
  • Xi zha scenic area: 200RMB/boat for 2 passengers, 360RMB/boat for 3-6 passengers
  • Pick up point: Your hotel in down town Shanghai
  • Drop off point: Your hotel in down town Shanghai

Tariff  (Pls note our price is per car, NOT per person):

1 Person 2 Persons 3-5 Persons 6-9 Persons >10 Person
33USD 43USD 53USD 65USD Contact us for accurate quote


Why choose us:

We provide 7*24 hours English speaking customer service and our driver will help you to buy entrance ticket

Absolutely NO shopping, NO detour, NO factory tour.

Driver dress in formal, Well behaved, with clean car and reliable service every time

Book a taxi within minutes and pay by cash or card (online)

We don’t spend a cent on any costly advertising to make our price 20% cheaper than competitors.

Vehicles are equipped with Car Air Purifier, We ensure the density of pm2.5 is under 100 in car

Before getting to Shanghai

You are advised to find the information below via this site: http://orange-transfer.com/track-your-trip/. All information will be updated only 24 hours ahead of your arrival date.

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s photo
  • Driver’s contact Number
  • Vehicle’s plate Number
  • Vehicle’s branding


Time schedule:

 8:00 am:

  • Pick up (suggest time, subject to change based on your request) On the tour date, go to the lobby of your hotel at the appointment time, In case you are unable to see our driver (this has never happened before), we strongly suggest you try the following procedure to get in touch with us. We will do our best to solve your problem on the spot.
  • Go to the front desk of your hotel (staff there speak English and are always ready to help), and ask the staff to make a phone call to our customer hotline: 0086-13910694045 and ask for help.

 10:30 am:

  • Arrive at the Wuzhen water town-Mr orange driver will guide you to walk from parking lot to the main entrance of the Wuzhen water town. then you will visit the water town on your own.
  • Driver will go with you to entrance office and help you to buy tickets
  • Wuzhen water town–Based on China’s old arrangement of channels, water towns have very nearly a thousand years of history. With structures, roads and waterways unaltered for quite a long time, China’s water towns are lovely to see and an intriguing mirror into China’s past.Encompassed by system of lane ways and waterways, Wuzhen close Suzhou is China’s most prominent and beguiling water town. Wuzhen is an absolute necessity see travel goal for anybody making a trip to Suzhou.
  • Read more
  • You will have 4 hours to discovery the Wuzhen water town on you own.

 11:30 am-12:30am:

  • There are many restaurants in Zhouzhuang water town, some of them are with English menu, it is ideal time for you to have a taste on traditional Chinese local food, to choose a restaurant near to the water way is highly recommended for it’s beautiful views through window.

Ticket price:

  • Main Entrance Ticket: 100RMB/person
  • Gondola ticket: 150RMB/boat for 6 passengers
  • Estimated costing for lunch: 120RMB/person

 12:30 am-16:30 am

  • Continue your trip in Wuzhen water town

The following are some of the places you can visit in Wuzhen water town:


The Ancient Bed Museum:

This museum is the first museum that is devoted to many collections and also displays of the antique beds. In this museum, there are many exquisite’s examples of the unique or original style, the oldest dating which is back to the Ming Dynasty.

The Folk Customs Museum: 

In this museum, it efficiently displays the Wuzhen’s customs concerning birthdays, childbirths, weddings and also seasonal change reflecting the entire time in the late 19th and even in the early 20th centuries.

The Wine Distillery Workshop:

This is one of the workshops which effectively display the culture of wine brewing. One of the wine brewing cultures is known as sanbai wine which is a famous alcoholic drink that usually pleases the palate mainly with its soft and also lasting mellowness.

The Indigo Fabric Workshop:

This workshop was first founded in this state in late 13 century. In this place, you can look at the production base and also distribution center of the indigo cloth.

The shadow play theater: 

This is one of the old and also traditional styles that is a form of play or entertainment that is created by projecting the entire shadow of sheep, cattle, and even other conventional character hidden onto the screen. Additionally, you can enjoy the classics that are performed by local artist.

  • Additionally, there are other sites to see in these places thus it is advisable to visit this place.
  • Go back to the parking lot and Heading back to your hotel in downtown Shanghai.

 18:00 pm:

  • Arrive at your hotel

Our Vehicles:

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS system and in car WI-FI device.


Why you will need a transfer service from Mr orange transfers?

  • Compare with express railway Our transfer service are private and comfortable, Our driver will hold sign to greet you at designated position. We will make everything smooth and easy.
  • Compare with taxi service We are 40% Cheaper and without and surcharge Our van are comfortable non smoking. Our driver dress in formal & always well behaved We provide 7*24 hours English speaking customer service.
  • Compare with Shuttle bus We are private transfer and customer will NOT need to wait for a fixed departure timetable. We are easy going, We promise to drop you off anywhere you point on the map. Our van are with bigger space for you and your family, We will make everything smooth and easy.

FAQs about the Transfer Services

Does driver speak English? What if I need any assistance in car?
  • Our drivers are experienced and speak a little English. To ensure smooth communication between you and the driver, we have designed a bilingual instruction paper that is carried by the driver, with a range of questions and answers in both Chinese and English.
  • Besides, Our driver are always happy to lend his mobile to you and help you to make a call to our company. We will try our very best to solve your problem on the spot. Our hotline is +8613910694045


How do I recognize the Mr orange driver

The Mr orange welcome sign is the most distinctive one among the crowds of waiting people, And you will recognize it immediately:

What if my flight is delayed?
  1. We stay on track with your flight status. We make sure to confirm your boarding information with the airline one hour after your scheduled departure. We get confirmation you are aboard and that your flight is on time.
  1. By using a cell app, our operations staff and guide double-check the arrival time on the arrival day. We use a real-time flight tracking. Our guide will be at the terminal 10 minutes before your arrival time, and you will take minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour after arrival to clear custom and collect your luggage.

Mobile App for real-time flight information

What if my flight arrival time is early or late?

For any flight arriving before 6am or after 10pm, we only provide a driver transfer service. Our drivers are experienced and speak a little English. To ensure smooth communication between you and the driver, we have designed a bilingual instruction paper that is carried by the driver, with a range of questions and answers in both Chinese and English. Also, a translator support is available by calling one of our emergency contact. We will try our very best to solve your problem on the spot.

How much weight am I allowed to take to China? And how much would I have to pay for extra weight?

Typical weight allowances for international flights ranges from 20–40 kg. For domestic flights weight allowance is 20 kg. For extra weight, there is a charge of 1.5% of the total airfare per extra kilo. Please make sure you confirm with your airline. Also, in case you if you’re bringing excess or oversize luggage we recommend you inform about it so we can make necessary arrangements if a special care is needed for your luggage (oversize luggage).

What should I do if my China visa expires?

There is no need to panic if your China visa is about to expire, just inform us and ask your guide to show you to the Beijing Entry and Exit Administration Bureau to extend your visa. Our local office in Beijing can provide a document to prove your status as a tourist and your departure date. Normally, It should take 3 working days to complete the procedure.

Hotel pick up and drop off area


Any hotels or locations within fourth ring road


Any hotels or locations within middle ring road


Any hotels or locations within third ring road

Cancellation policy

If we are not able to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract due to war, flood, typhoon, fire, strikes, storm, earthquake, or any other unforeseen condition, we will inform customers at the first possible opportunity and offer the best possible solutions. The final bill shall be settled based on the actual services we offer;

  • Up to 7 days before departure: 100% refund of all monies paid, excluding penalties charged by hotels, railways, airlines, and PayPal, if applicable. All penalties will be itemized.
  • From 3 to 7 days before departure: 90% refund, excluding penalties charged by hotels, railways, airlines, and PayPal, if applicable. All penalties will be itemized.
  • Within 3 days before departure: no refund.

We regret we are unable to refund any amount after the tour has commenced for cancelled services due to non-participation, early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

  • For groups of more than 10 people: This is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please consult with your travel advisor regarding the cancellation policy for your group.

How do We ensure our services are always reliable & on time:

1, Our driver has to report their work in 5 procedures via Wechat app every time.

2,Confident and reliable

  • We provide our customers with competent and reliable drivers. Our drivers are accustomed with routes to tourist destinations, hotels, and restaurants.

3,About our Vehicles

  • Our vehicles are licensed and registered in tourism administration.
  • Our vehicle will be fully equipped with in-car Wi-Fi, baby seat if needed, GPS and traffic reporting software. In order to save time and attempt to avoid traffic congestions, our in-car traffic reporting software will give your driver an idea of the traffic situation ahead.
  • We replace our tour vehicles after every 4 years, as such your tour vehicle will be less than 2 years old.
  • In order to give you a perception of your tour car, we’ll send you photos of our tour car before your departure.
  • All our vehicles are insured and each seat covers up to 50,000 RMB.

4,Safe and comfortable

  • We are experienced in dealing with unpredictable circumstances such as tracing for lost luggage, visa problems, etc. Our tour guide and driver are friendly, enthusiastic and are adamant to assist you! Feel free to let your guide know if you need any help.
  • Our base in Beijing has more than 50 experienced local staff to solve your problems on the spot.