Hire a car to Cuandixia village

cuandixia village


Chuandixia or Cuandixia village is located in a small town named Zhaitang in Mentougou District, which is approximately 90 kilometers west of Beijing. It is famous for many historical relics, unique dwelling areas, and traditional ancient villages that are surrounded by beautiful mountainous scene.
Chuandixia village is dated back to 500 years ago in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It used to be a thriving town that was situated on the Cuanlixian military pass. However, there are only 30 families still live in this area today. With a unique culture and many traditional relics, this beautiful village attracts thousands of tourists all over the country each year.
What to see in Cuandixia village
What makes Chuandixia different from other villages in China is that it has a breathtaking natural scene, many historical relics, unique architecture, and peaceful tranquility. These factors make it a perfect place for photographers and family travelers.
The most distinctive features in the Cuandixia village are the complexes of quadrangle dwelling, which were built since the Ming and Qing dynasty. In addition, there are many historical sites such as ancient Quan Cong temple, Goddess temple, Buddhist temple, and ancient grind.
The local people are very friendly and hospitable to tourists so that you can visit each farmhouse and enjoy the local dishes as well as experience its unique cultural features.
Surrounded by verdant forests and mountains, the beautiful nature is another reason why you should visit the Cuandixia village.
How to visit Chuandixia village from Beijing
First, you can get to Pinguoyuan Station by subway and take the bus number 929 to Zhaitang Station. From here, take the bus number 326 or 336 to Hetan bus stop where you can take a bus to Cuandixia village.
In addition, you can directly take a bus to Chuandixia from Pingguoyua at 7:30 a.m and 12:40 a.m every day. The whole trip often takes 2 hours.