Hire a car to Huanghuacheng Great Wall


If you have visited China’s Huanghuacheng Great Wall, then you have not seen it all. So great is the experience that Mao Zedong, the famous founding father of China asserted that one who has not climbed the wall is not a true man.

Starting with its history, the wall was commissioned by the Ching Dynasty Emperor in in (1368-1644). The purpose of the wall was to protect the Ming Tombs and also enhance Beijing’s defense in the northern border. General Cai build the wall, which took him a hundred years before its completion. Later, General Cai was scolded and beheaded by the emperor under the claims that he had used a lot of money to build the wall. Sadly, the emperor came to realize later that the wall was one of the best handiwork ever.

The all-time popular wall of China lies about 80kms from the NW side of Beijing and has a length of 12km with 5 terraces and 49 towers. It connects the west Badaling Great Wall with the East Jiankou Great Wall.

Apart from having such an interesting history and standing the test of time, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is also famous for its surroundings. The mountainous region and the dam that cuts across the wall provides viewers with a breathtaking view of the wall’s magnificent surroundings.

For those who find hiking a bit challenging, the pleasant view of the surrounding landscape compliments the rugged steps up the mountainous region. As if this is not enough the plants in this expanse blossom into beautiful yellow wildflowers during summer providing viewers with an increasingly beautiful view.

Unlike other areas, Huanghuacheng wall and its surroundings also present visitors with a quiet place with few crowds. This means that traveling to this place will give you both a breathtaking experience and a quiet and personal experience. The lake at the scenery also provides visitors with a chance to cruise round the mountains with rowing boats and yachts. In addition, the great expanse and the different sections of this wall makes it possible for people to access it using several routes and transport methods.

Some of the sections that you can visit include Juyinguan, which is located 50km Northwest from the city of Beijing, Huanghua, 60km North Beijing and Badaling, 70km Northwest from the city of Beijing. You can also visit the Jiankou section that is on the mountaneous region of Xihazi villange and Mutianyu that is 90km on the North of Beijing.

As you visit some of these regions such as Jiankou, it is good to take care since some steps are loose and not steady. Therefore, traveling in groups in sections like this is highly advisable.