How to get the fast pass of Shanghai Disneyland

Disney Fastpass



Do you know that you can shorten your waiting time for specific attraction by getting a Disney Fast pass? Here is the guide on How to get the fast pass of Shanghai Disneyland.


You don’t have to queue, save time
You don’t have to queue in a long line for a long period of time in order to get your chance to enter an attraction. By picking a Disney Fastpass, you can come back at designated time when the line is short and moving fast. Don’t wait, pick up your Disney Fastpass at Shanghai Disney resort official app or at any participating guest service at no extra cost.


Pick up locations for Fastpass
Disney Fastpass tickets of any of the 7 participating attractions can be obtained at any of the above listed land guest services a designated Fastpass kiosks.
TRON Lightcycle Power Run – Tomorrowland
Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue – Tomorrowland
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Fantasyland
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Fantasyland
Peter Pan’s Flight – Fantasyland
Roaring Rapids – Adventure Isle
Soaring Over the Horizon – Adventure Isle

Steps on how to pick a ticket at Disney fastpass distribution kiosk

Step 1
Scan the ticket at any of Disney Fast pass distribution kiosk located at any participating guest service location
Step 2
Choose the ideal attraction that you would want to experience. The Disney Fast pass will automatically link with your park ticket. A receipt reminder will then be sent to you notifying you the time when you need to visit the attraction. Remember that the receipt is not the real Fast pass
Visit the attraction and ensure that you arrive at the entrance of Disney Fastpass at the time that you were told. Pick your ticket at the Cast Member. The line will be short and moving fast.

How to make your choice from your mobile device

Step 1
Download Shanghai Disney resort app from your mobile device, create your own account using your email account or phone number. Make you sure you download and create your own account before you visit the park.
Step 2
When your day to visit the park comes, open the Shanghai Disney Resort app, sign in then choose get Fastpass. Scan the QR code (QR code is located on you park ticket).
Step 3
You can also have fun with your family member or friends at the attraction by creating a party in the Shanghai Disney resort app then link it to your friends and family members. You can enter the attraction together with your friends using the same Fastpass. However, you need to ensure that you enter the park at the same time.
Step 4
Choose the attraction that you wish to obtain a Fastpass for. Note that you won’t be charged extra cost for that.
Step 5
Confirm the attraction that you have chosen for your Disney Fastpass
Step 6
In order to redeem your ticket, visit the Fastpass return entrance at the exact time as indicated on your app. Enter the attraction and check the QR code from the app (My plan section). The QR code is also located on the park ticket.

Rules of Disney Fast pass:

rules of fastpass
It is important to note that Fastpass is only valid on the exact day when it issued.
Individuals who use Fastpass to gain access to the attraction site usually enter through a designated Fastpass entrance. If you are coming with friends or family members, then you must ensure that every individual has his/her own Fastpass linked to the park ticket.
Remember that Fastpass is not guaranteed, it is based on availability
Guests can obtain Fastpass by sharing their individual park ticket at any Fastpass distribution kiosk or by using the app.
When scanning the park ticket at any Fastpass distribution kiosk, you will be given a remainder receipt that indicates the valid time of your Fastpass. However, you need to note that this receipt is not the actual Fastpass
Ensure that you keep your park ticket safe because they are linked to Fastpasses
When you reach the Fastpass entrance of the attraction, one cast member will scan your ticket to confirm your identity before he/she allows you to gain access to the park.



Rules and regulations of Disney Fast pass advance reservations for Toy Story hotel and ShanghaiDisneyland Hotel

toy story hotel
Guests staying in any of the above mentioned hotels can reserve Fastpasses before the actual visit in two ways. They include:
Guests staying at any of the above two hotels can book Disney Fastpasses before actual visit by buying tickets from the hotel’s concierge. On the other hand, guests who book park ticket bundle and resort hotel via the official website of Shanghai Disney resort, Shanghai Disney resort reservation center or the official app can reserve Fastpasses before actual visit when checking in the hotel.
Rules and regulations for advance booking of Disney Fastpasses for Toy Story Hotel and Shanghai Disneyland Guest
Guests from this hotels will have the golden opportunity to access the park using their room card. Once you have booked the hotel, your park ticket will be linked automatically to your Disney Fastpass. When buying the ticket, it is important to provide the exact information as indicated on your ID card. A picture from you will also be taken and linked to the park ticket that you will use to gain access to the park.
Advance booking can also be reserved through the official app of the Shanghai Disney resort, official website of Shanghai Disney resort or at the reservation center at Shanghai Disney resort. Remember that you will only be entitled to advance Fastpass reservation if you book both the hotel and advance booking at the same time. If you book each separately, then you won’t enjoy the Fastpass benefits.
Each guest is entitled to book one Disney Fastpass from any of our Disney Fastpass equipped attraction to be use the following day. To get more information about the number of guests allowed in a single hotel room, please visit hotel official website at
Once you obtain your room card, keep it safe. This is because once a ticket is given, it is not refundable or no transferable. Disney Fastpass given must be used at specific time that is allotted. If that time frame elapses, then the ticket becomes null and void.