How to get to Beijing city from airport-Four options

Located 32 km to the northeast of Beijing town center, Beijing Capital international airport is the main international airport which serves the whole of Beijing. There are some means one can use to transfer from this Airport to Beijing city center.

1,Using the Airport Express Train
You can transfer from Beijing Capital airport to the city center using the airport express train or the other way round. It is certainly one of the fastest and most economical means of transfer between the airport and downtown. One single trip for one person costs RMB 25.

airport express train

2,Using the Airport Shuttle Bus
Beijing airport bus transfer is also the most economical means of getting to the Beijing city center from the Capital Airport or the other way round. City travelers can take advantage of the round trips provided by the airport shuttle between Xidan and BCIA / Wangjing/ Fangzhuang / Beijing Railway Station / Shangdi / Zhongguancun / Gongzhufe and so on with convenience.

Those travelers from the nearby cities in Beijing can also delight in the round trips between Qinhuangdao and BCIA / Beidaihe/ among others.
For those who will prefer using the airport bus in their transfer, you should take note of the Beijing airport bus fare charges and routes before using it.
Therefore, using the above means is only convenient if you have less luggage to carry or you have knowledge of your destination and bus terminals.

airport shuttle bus

3,Taxi cabs
Taxis cabs may easily suit your transfer. However, their charges are higher as compared to the cost of using an Airport Express Train or the Airport Shuttle Bus. There are taxis stops at the Capital Airport. Thus, one can comfortably transfer using a taxi from or to the airport.

beijing taxi

4,Car Rental Transfer
Likewise, you can use a private rental car which has a driver from a local traveling agency and a tour guide who will take you from the airport to Beijing city center. For you to access the rental car easily once you get out of the airport, it is advisable to make an earlier booking. Using Car rental will suit your needs well flexible and make you comfortable to transfer. It is recommended for people in small groups and who have a lot of luggage.

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