How to get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing-2 options

How to get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing,Mutianyu Great Wall has a long and profound history with blazing cultural civilization. It gains a good fame as the most fantastic section of China Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall has a total length of 3.4 miles (5,400 meters), making it the longest section of China Great Wall and one of the 16 sceneries of Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall, as the 5A national tourist zone, boasts some famous scenic spots such as Zhengguantai Platform, Dajiaolou Tower, and so on. The wall body is well preserved, which wonderfully displays the ancient charm. Cable cars are available in the scenic area, and programs like China Stone Museum and Speed Sliding are developed, well-combining the Great Wall culture, stone culture, and sport culture.


Foreign political dignities like Mrs. Trump, Michelle Obama, Clinton, former Premier Major, and Bill Gates have visited Mutianyu Great Wall. Thus Mutianyu Great Wall has gain good reputation among foreigners. Foreigners from different nations visit Mutianyu Great Wall every year. It is said that more than 40% of visitors to Mutianyu Great Wall are foreigners. Mutianyu Great Wall is listed as NO.7 scenic spot of 25 world’s best landmarks in 2017. The best time for you to visit here is April, May, September and October. Autumn is the best season for you enjoy the scenery here.

Features of Mutianyu Great Wall:

1. Over 90% vegetation coverage with various beautiful sceneries
2. Fancy beacon towers: different from Juyongguan, Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan. Zhengguantai platform is composed of three hollow watchtowers which is rarely seen in the architectural history of Great Wall
3. Intensive watchtowers: It is about 500 meter long from Dajialou Tower to Zhengguantai Platform, and there are 4 watchtowers, which is also rare.
4. Mutianyu Great Wall has a two-sided crenel: generally there is only one crenel outside, while there are two crenels, which means fighting against the enemies in an all-round way. Thus Mutianyu section has a great strategic significance in the history.
5. Both the outer and inner parapets are crenelated with merlons, so that shots could be fired at the enemy on both sides – a feature very rare on other parts of the Great Wall.
6. Full of dimension: the lowest altitude is about 486 meter, 500 meter eastward, and the altitude is 117 meter higher. Westward from Zhengguantai Platform to NO.19 Muzitai Platform, the altitude is relatively gentle. From NO.20 Muzitai Platform to the highest point of Niujiaobian, the altitude is lifted from 486 meter to 1039 meter after passing 10 watchtowers.
7. There is a graffiti wall on the northwest of NO.14 watchtower, as well as NO.5 and NO.10 watchtower. These are used for tourists to sign their names for memories. In the future, there will be E-graffiti wall for tourists.
The Mutianyu Section of Great Wall is in Huairou County at Beijing. There are 20 beacon towers. You can reach NO.14 beacon tower by cable car, NO.6 by slide rail, NO.6, NO.8 and NO.10 by walking. If you walk to the top, it will take you about one and an half hour.
mutianyu map

mutianyu map

Opening time:

Slack season: 07:30 to 17:00 (November 15th to March 15th next year)
Peak season: 07:00 to 18:00 (March 16th to November 14th next year)

How to get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing:

Option 1: You can take tourist line from visitor center (30 meters away from C exit of Line 2) and P1 parking lot from Mutianyu. The running time is 9:00 am and 15:30 pm. The major stations are Qianmen, Dongzhimen, Shaoyaoju Subway station, Mutianyu Great Wall roundabout. The ticket price is CNY 30.You can also take Dongzhimen tourist line from Dongzhimen Bus station and P1 parking lot. The running time in 8:30am and 16:00 pm. The ticket price is CNY 30.

From Dongzhimen Bus Station, you can take bus line 916 Express or 916 to Huairou North Avenue (Huairou Beidajie) Station. Then, transfer to bus line h24, to Mutianyu
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Ticket price for Mutianyu Great Wall:

Ticket+ Shuttle bus
Student: CNY 25+CNY15
Round way: Adult: CNY 120  Student: CNY60
Single way: Adult CNY 100    Student CNY 60
Round way: Adult: CNY 120  Student: CNY60
Single way: Adult CNY 60    Student CNY 50
Glider Cableway
Single way: Adult CNY  50    Student CNY 50
Children under 6 years old or 1.2m are free
Cableway/ Luge:
Children under 6 years old or 1.2m are free
Children from1.2m to 1.4m buy student ticket
Children above 1.4m buy adult ticket