How to plan a short layover in Beijing

Planning a short layover in Beijing

If you are ever transiting through Beijing for not more than 24 hours, you are permitted to go out of the airport and tour around without necessarily having to get a visa. Through this article, you will be able to learn how to plan your time for a short stopover. It will also enlighten you on the best places to visit in Beijing even if it is for a very short time.
China 72 Hour Visa Free Transit Policy


The things that you will be able to see are dependent on the amount of time you have on your stop over. A large number of the sites are usually closed later in the afternoon. The weather is also another thing that you have to take into consideration as it usually gets darker much earlier in the winter time. The Beijing weather forecast is available on this site . The amount of time you have will also be dependent on where you are checked in for your next flight and whether your baggage is checked through. You can confirm all this from your travel agent. Ensure you get to the airport in time so that you check-in. It is advised that you get there at least two hours earlier.You may also use up some time getting through customs and immigration. If you do not have any luggage to pick up, you can proceed to leave the airport after immigration. It may take you thirty minutes or more to leave the airport depending on the number of planes landing at that particular time. If you have luggage to pick up, you may require 45 to 60 minutes to do so. Flights may be delayed at times so, you should always be ready for anything. The amount of time you have to tour the city will depend on your flight information as well as all the above.The below information provides you with an approximation of the time required to visit the city as well as the time it will take to get you there.


For you to be able to access the tourist destinations as well as transport, you will need to get the local currency which is either Renmenbi (RMB) or Chinese Yuan (CNY) There are plenty of ATMs in the main hall of the airport where you can withdraw some money.


When it comes to transportation, you have plenty of options depending on where you want to go and the time of day. You can choose to go with a taxi though the ques maybe pretty long depending on the number of flights that landed. Make sure you have your destination written down in Chinese as the taxi drivers do not speak English. Since the taxis uses meters, all you have to pay is the cost on the meter. You are not required to tip. The taxis are not permitted to stop at TianAnmen Square or the Forbidden City therefore they will in most instances drop you one or two blocks away. Most taxis are not big and can only fit up to four passengers.

They have a well-developed subway and airport express service which will take you almost anywhere apart from the Great wall which is situated out of town. You can use this link to get the map of the subway and airport express. . The best thing about the subway is that it is very easy to use and is also totally bilingual. Be advised that it is normally packed during rush hour.

Private driver

This is the most effective way of getting around especially if you are in a hurry. It is also the only way to reach the great wall unless you are fluent in mandarin and can converse with the taxi driver. Due to the traffic in the city, it is sometimes better to make use of the public transport. You can hire a driver for a whole day and it usually cost between 600 to 800 RMB. You need to organize for a private driver in advance. Mr orange transfer is a UNIQUE travel agency that provides a secure, reliable, fast and serene airport,train, port, transfer and taxi tour service, With over 10 years experience in the taxi and minicab industry, you can be sure that Mr orange will always find you the best driver and car. Mr orange transfer provide  7*24 hours English speaking customer service and We don’t spend a cent on any costly advertising to make our price 20% cheaper than competitors, All our customers came to us by word of mouth. We care about the details of our service: Our driver always dress in formal and behave nicely, and they has been undertaken 100 hours training program, Our car are always new and equipped with WIFI device and Car Air Purifier. Choose us, You enjoy journey and We take care of the hassles.

You can organize your entire layover using the information above once you are aware of the amount of time at your disposal. The details provided only show the main attraction. Beijing is a city that has lots of offerings that can keep you entertained for five days. Here below please find the most popular places that you can be able to cover on a one day stop over. It is important to note that you might not be able to visit all these places in just a day therefore you will have to choose from the list based on the amount of time you have at your disposal.