Kunming Changshui International Airport

Kunming Changshui International Airport, located in Changshui and Huaqing Village of Dabanqiao Street of Guandu District, is 24.5km northeast to downtown city. The altitude is 2102 meters. The airport has two runways, which are 4500 meters and 4000 meters respectively. Kunming Changshui International Airport is the main airport of Yunnan Province, and the hub airport of China eastern airlines Yunnan Branch. It is also the airport base for Lucky airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Kunming Airlines and Ruili Airlines. There are airlines like Spring Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Thai Airways International, Xianmen Airlines, Lao Airlines, Korean Airlines, Dragon airlines, Ying’an Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Uni air, and Vietnam Airlines. From October 1st,2014, Kunming Changshui International Airport implemented the 72-hour visa free policy, making it the 4th hub airport after Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Kunming Changshui International Airport has become the only national hub airport in western region of China.
Kunming Changshui Airport Vision

Kunming Changshui Airport Vision

The terminal buildings are located on the south side of the terminal area, composed by the west and easy corridors, middle corridors, remote east-west Y shaped corridors. The total length is 855.1 meters, and the total width is 1134.8 meters. The relative altitude of the highest spot is 72.91meters. The lay out of the  terminal building is 159100 square meters, and the total construction area is 548300 square meters. The building has 3 underground floors, as well as 3 floors above ground, making it the biggest single terminal building in China. Advanced and complete facilities and services are available in the building for transit, shopping, dinning, accommodation, and entertainment. The terminal building is decorated in gold, and the floor are gray with the integration of modern elements and Yunnan ethic characteristics. The whole building is decorated on the basis of the airport characteristic that is large flow of passengers. It learns from the construction experience from home and abroad, and makes efforts to present the construction characteristics of Kunming new airport.

Service hotline


Currency Exchange

Location: opposite to NO.1 Gate of B1
Tel: 0871-67085775、0871-67085598

Lost and Found Inquiry

Tel: 0871-67093655

Luggage storage service

We provide passengers paid service of luggage storage
Location: west unit of L3 departure hall, near staff access, west side of domestic arrival of B1 guest meeting hall.
Inside the terminal building

Inside the terminal building

Medical service

Location: F3-A-Room 410 of domestic departure hall of 3F (near NO.1 Security check gate), F2-C-Room 101 of domestic arrival hall of 2F (near NO.30 Arrival Gate)
Tel: 0871-67090120

Baby care room

Location: mother-baby waiting room near NO.25 boarding gate (domestic), mother-baby waiting room near NO.9 boarding gate (domestic), mother -baby waiting room near NO.73 boarding gate (International)

Children entertainment area

Location: NO.2 boarding gate of 2F domestic departure hall, opposite to departure DFS

ATM service

Location: behind D area of departure hall 3F,  B exit of arrival hall B1,  A exit of arrival hall B1, behind G area of departure hall 3F, behind C area of departure hall 3F.

WIFI automatic machine

Location: near NO.17 boarding gate on 3F, near NO.68 boarding gate on 2F, near NO.72 boarding gate on 2F.

Express delivery service

Location: express table at domestic departure hall on F3, express table at domestic arrival hall on B1
Outside Changshui Airport, Kunming

Outside Changshui Airport, Kunming


1. Airport express
Airport express is the airport special line. The airport express adopts the policy of “one seat, one person”. The whole trip is served with air condition. The bus runs every 15 to 20 minutes, and every 5 to 10 minutes at peak hours. The ticket price is CNY25 per person. There are various lines for you to choose.
Line 1 (Xiaoximen – Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 15 to 20 minutes/shift
Line 2-A (Kunming Wujia Bay – Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 30 minutes/shift
Line 2-B (Kunming Railway station Jinjiang Hotel – Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 10-15 minutes/shift
Notification: Line A and B will run into one route after 22:00 with an interval of 20 minutes.
Line2 (Kunming Railway Station- Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 30 minutes/shift
Line3 (North bus station – Linyu Road of Beishi District- Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 30 minutes/shift
Line3 (South bus station Kunming Luosiwan International Trade City Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 30 minutes/shift
Line 5 :(Dianchi Hotel -Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: regularly 4 times a day.
Line 6: (Kunming Hotel – Changshui International Airport)
Intervals: 30 minutes /shift
2. Metro
Metro Line 6 of Changshui International Airport is located at the central station of airport. The departure station is Kunming Changshui International Airport and the destination is East bus station. The ticket price is CNY5 per person. The metro runs from 6:20 to 22:20.
3. Taxis
The waiting area of taxis is outside NO.3 gate of B1. In Kunming, taxi fee is charged by meters. The price standard is CNY 8 for the first 3 km. Each kilometer will be charged by CNY1.8 from 3km. The BAF is CNY 1.5. It is estimated that the taxi fee will be CNY 120 from Kunming Changshui International Airport to downtown area for 60minutes.
It is CNY2 for the first 4km (2.5mi), CNY3 for 4-9km (2.5-5.6mi), CNY4 for 9-16km (5.6-10mi), CNY5 for 16-25km (10-16mi), CNY6 for 25-36km (16-22mi), CNY7 for 36-49km (22-30mi).
Day (06:00-22:00) CNY 8.0 for the first 3 km, and CNY 1.8 /km when over 3 km.
Night (22:00-06:00)CNY 9.0 for the first 3 km, and CNY 2.0 /km when over 3 km.
BAF: CNY 3.0.
4. Airport bus
There are many routes for passengers to choose, including Line 919A, Line 919A1, Line 919B, Night Line 919B, Line 919B1, Line 919C, Night Line919C, Line 919C1, Line 919D, Line 919E, Line 919K.
The operation time is from 5:00 to 21:00.