Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Nanjing Lukou international airport, situated in Lukou Street of Jiangning District, serves as the alternate airport to Shanghai Hongqiao international airport and Shanghai Pudong international airport. Put into service on July 1st,1997, Nanjing Lukou airport has been rewarded as the “Sanitary International Airport” by WHO since 2005. In June 2015, the flight from Nanjing to Los Angeles put into service, and Nanjing has become the 5th city with flight routes to European, Australian and American cities. Nanjing Lukou International Airport has 2 runways, measuring 3600-meter-long. It has two terminals covering an area of 425000 square meters. The airport now serves 115 cities domestically and globally with 135 domestic flight routes and 23 international flight routes, including countries and cities in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. Currently, T1 is closed. From September 10th,2015, the 72-hour visa-free policy has been implemented to enable passengers from some countries to enjoy a visa-free stay up to 72 hours when making an international transit via Lukou Airport.
Nanjing Lukou Airport International Departure

Nanjing Lukou Airport International Departure

Wechat Check-in

Open Wechat and follow Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Choose Flight Service and enter Wechat Check-in. Fill in your personal information, including ID card number, Passport number and E-ticket, and then choose your favourable seat and get your QR code. In addition, you can get your personal service through Flight Inquiry, including flight delay notification, departure gate change notification, boarding information, and boarding notification. What should be mentioned is that Wechat Check-in service is available only from 8:00 before the departure day to 40 minutes before departure.

Service Hotline



Connect Airport-FreeWiFi-Nanjing”, and you can get free access to the airport wifi. Users for the first time should fill in the telephone number and verification code and login.

Luggage storage service

Location: Luggage service office is located in Gate B of domestic departure hall, near the domestic large luggage claim table. The service is provided from 08:30 to 22:00.
Tel: 025-69820507
Price: Luggage storage service is paid by hours. Each luggage should be charged CNY10 within 4 hours, and CNY 20 from 4 to 8 hours. There is no overnight luggage storage service.
Tips: passengers should register for the luggage storage service with tickets or flight reservation message, and valid certificates like ID card or passport. Luggages should pass the security check before storage. Luggage storage service is not available for cash, valuables, dangerous things and perishable goods.

Lost and Found Service

Passengers should provide the original and copy of the boarding check and personal ID card. Passengers should clearly state the features of the lost luggage. For valuable electronics, passengers should provide product invoice or passwords and other detailed information.
TEL: 025-69821330
Passenger arrival at Nanjing Lukou Airport

Passenger arrival at Nanjing Lukou Airport

Luggage Inquiry

Tel:69820462 24-Hour service

Medical service

he Domestic Restricted Area and the International Restricted Area has a clinic each to provide free medical consultations, blood pressure measuring and temperature measuring and disposable mask. Temporary medical observation is also provided.
Tel: 025-69820120
Compensable service like ambulance service is also available.
Service number:025-69820446

Currency exchange

Travelex currency exchange (CHINA) CO., LTD. Nanjing Branch provides you the currency exchange service over 38 currencies.

Catering service

1. Tea Cafe
Location: Domestic restrict area NO.21 departure gate, NO.2 gate of arrival hall
Products: fast food, coffee, tea, desserts, clay pot
2. Special snacks
Location: domestic restrict area NO.17 boarding bridge
Products: local special cuisines
3. KFC
Location: interlayer of departure hall
4. Chinese restaurant
Location: Transportation center, L2 of Pullman hotel
Lunch: 11:00-14:00
Nanjing Lukou Airport Traffic Center

Nanjing Lukou Airport Traffic Center

Transportation service

1. Shuttle bus
Outside the arrival hall, there are Line 1, Line 2 and Jiangbei Special line shuttle buses to the downtown area. The schedule is determined by the flight arrivals and the number of passengers. You will be waiting for no longer than 30 minutes.
Line 1 (east downtown route): the bus is operated from the arrival of the first flight to the last flight. The main stops are Cuiping Mountain Hotel, Yuhua Square, Qinhongqiao Bridge (Qinhuai District Government), Qili Street (Airport Hotel), Xihua Gate, Nanjing Railway Station. The price is CNY 20.
Line2 (west downtown route): the bus is operated from the arrival of the first flight to 23:30. The main stops are Nanjing South Railway Station, Zhonghua Gate, Shuixi Gate, Hanzhong Gate and Wanda Plaza. The price is CNY 20.
Jiangbei Special Line: the bus is operated at 09:00、10:30、12:30、14:30、16:30、18:30、20:30、22:00、23:10. The destination is Jiangbei, and the main stops are Mingfa New City Center (CNY 30), Taishanxincun (Dongda Road)(CNY 30), University of Information and Technology (CNY 40), Gezhong Road NO.681
(CNY 40), Liuhe (Arcadia Hotel) (CNY 50).
2. Metro
Passengers can take S1 from the airport to the downtown. The location is 50 meters left at L1 of domestic arrival hall of T2. S1 has 8 stops which are Nanjing South Railway station, Cuiping Mountain, Hehai University, Jiyin Avenue, Middle Fangzheng Road, North Xiangyu Road, South Xiangyu Road, and the destination is Lukou International Airport. The duration is about 35 minutes. The metro is started at 6:00 and ends at 22:40.
The taxi is paid by meters. For ordinary cars, the price is CNY11 for the first 3 km. For battery electrical cars or mid-range cars, the price is CNY 11 for the first 2.5 km. For exclusive cars, the price is CNY 11 for the first 2 km. The price is paid on the basis of the metered price, toll cost, and BAF. Please take good care of your belongings and ask for the bill.