Hire a car to Jinshanling Great wall

Jinshanling great wall – A great choice to hiking


Located in Hebei Province – 130km northeast of Beijing, Jinshanling great wall is a small part of the Great Wall of China. It was built during the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century and is one of the best-preserved sections with many impressive features.
The most special things about this place are 31 watchtowers that were built in various shapes: square or rectangular, short or tall, 1 or 2 floors. Visitors can easily notice tablet writings and poem on the wall.
Currently, the site has 2 gates: the East gate and the West gate (front gate). Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to visit the East gate between 16th November and 15th March, leaving the West gate the only choice to enter this location.
Jinshanling – a popular hiking destination
There are 4 popular hiking routes to choose in Jinshanling:
– Route 1: About 7 km and 4 hours to complete. Start from Shalingkou Pass, then walk along the Jinshan tower, eastern 5-window tower, Houchuankou pass, and finish at the east gate.
– Route 2: About 5 km and 3 hours to complete. Start at Zhuanduokou Pass, then go by Shalingkou pass, general tower, Jinshan tower, Houchuankou pass, and end at Jinshan Horse track
– Route 3: About 2.5 km and 2 hours to complete. This route is basically similar to route 2, but you can choose a cable car to go down.
– Route 4: About 3 km and 1.5 hours to complete. Start from Zhuanduokou pass, go by the General tower and Shalingkou pass.
Which is the best time to visit?
It is recommended to visit Jinshanling great wall in summer or spring when you can see a breathtaking scene, also known as ‘cloud sea’ below the wall. However, as the temperature is quite hot in the summer, April, May, June, September or October are the best times to hike on this attraction.
Do not visit Jinshanling on major holidays in China, including Labour Day (1-3 May) or National Holiday (1–7 October) when it is full of tourists all over the country.
Move to Jinshanling from Beijing?
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