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The Mutianyu Great wall is regarded as the most beautiful part of great wall, it would be a pity if you leave Beijing without seeing it, this article gave 5 options on how to travel from Beijing airport to Mutianyu Great wall. As the matter of fact, there are no direct train or bus going to Mutianyu Great wall from airport, you will have to transit buses a few time to get there and the single journey is about 60 kilometers and would take you more than 4 hours for sure, if you don’t have enough time for taking the public transportation, We would highly recommend you to use our private round transfer from airport to Mutianyu Great wall. Our driver will drive you to the foot of Great wall in about 2 hours and help with all the problems you might encounter, Such as buying the entrance ticket for the wall and Guide you to the ferry bus station where you can take bus to get to the foot of Great wall. Our driver will be waiting for you at exactly the place where he drop you off, and you will easily find the way back to our vehicle.Besides […]

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