shanghai railway station
Shanghai railway station is called “the new railway station” by locals since it replaced Shanghai North railway station (also known as “Old North railway station”, or “Old North Station” – 老北站 by locals) as the city’s main train station in 1987. In the late 80’s, the old North railway station was inadequate to handle the increasing railway traffic in Shanghai. The government then decided to pull down the Shanghai East (freight) railway station and build a new railway station at the same place. On 28 December 1987, the North railway station was closed. At the same time, the new Shanghai railway station was built and started its operation. In 2006, some railway lines of the station were moved to the reopened Shanghai South railway station, which lessened the increasing pressure of passenger traffic. In August 2006, a decision was made to renovate the aging station and its surrounding area. Many new ticket machines were installed to increase efficiency. In June 2008, in order to co-operate with the opening of World Expo Shanghai 2010, Shanghai Government and Zhabei District carried out a new renovation called the “Shanghai Railway Station North Plaza Comprehensive Transportation Hub Project” with a total investment over 4.1 […]

Shanghai railway station