Where can tourists experience the high technology in Shanghai

There is a Shanghai science and technology museum, which exhibits various scientific and technological inventions. We are going to give you a specific introduction on the exhibitions and some daily technological products.

Exhibition hall of 2050-2500 future life

The exhibition halls are on the 5th and the 6th floor respectively within the red star Macalline. On the 5th floor is the 2050 hall and on the 6th floor is the 2500 hall. Take the space elevator from NO.1 gate, and you can directly reach the hall. The “space elevator” is the longest automatic elevator of shopping malls in the world. It takes you about half an hour to experience the 2050-2500 future life. There will be commentators for you.
Address: 5th and 6th floor of red star macalline, NO.1108 Zhenbei Road, Putuo District, Shanghai.
2050-2500 Future Life Hall

2050-2500 Future Life Hall

4DX movie at CGV Xinzhuang Cinema in Shanghai

At present, there is only on 4DX cinema with only one room. So the seat is limited. You are supposed to reserve a ticket ahead of time. With 4DX seats and motive environmental equipment, Shanghai CGV cinema provides various movie effects for different movie sceneries. You may feel that you are personally on the scene with the actor and actress. This is not simply the sensorial 4D adventure in amusement park!
Address: 4th floor within Zhongsheng skymall, NO.5001 Dushi Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.
Watch 4DX movies

Watch 4DX movies

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum includes three parts. The main hall of the museum is located at No.2000, Century Avenue, Shanghai and the branch museums, the Shanghai Natural History Museum located at No.510, West Beijing Road, the Shanghai Planetarium located at LinGang New City. Focusing on the theme “Nature, Human, and Technology”, SSTM aims to make the science popular with high-techs. There are 11 permanent exhibition galleries on the themes of Biological Diversity, Earth crust Exploration, Cradle of Designers, Lights of Wisdom, Home Planet, Information Era, World of Robots, Lights of Exploration, Human and Health, Space Navigation, Children’s Fantasyland, and 2 special exhibition galleries on World of Spiders and World of Animals and two relief galleries on Technologies in Ancient China and Science Explorers. There is also an academician’s information wall from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. SSTM has built four cinemas in the museum: IMAX 3D, IMAX Dome, IWERKS 4D and Space Theater.
Each exhibition area has a topic, and you can experience the interactive games so as to enlighten tourists.
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Spectrum of life

By referring to the natural scenery of Yunnan province, there are tropical rainforest, stone forest and Dai housing scenic area.

Earth crust exploration

You can experience the earthquake, Karst caves, Knox Ivory near Huai River, Volcano scenery.

Rainbow home Children’s playground

There are maze of mirrors, rainbow home, world in the eyes of animals and strong winds. How strong the wind is when you hit the surface of the drum?

Light of wisdom

There are Patterns of liquids, Cycling in air, Blow one’s top, and Energy shuttle machine.
Cradle of designers.
In the corridor of ideas of world-famous chairs, the 48 chairs with distinctive style were selected from more than 1,000 chairs from around the world, reflecting the design concepts of different ages and different nations. There are also laser inner carving, and MTV making. Visitors can make their own MTV video by themselves. It only takes around 10 minutes to have a unique MTV disc in hand. Come and feel the magical world of 3D printing with scanning, modeling, printing and demonstration corners.
Light exhibition area of wisdom

Light exhibition area of wisdom

World of robots

The section is themed “the development and application of robotics” and displays fixed programmed robots, intelligent control robots, special robots and common robots etc. As information technology develops, robots are applied in every aspect of our lives. Now let’s go and see the robots’ skill set.  Robots and artificial intelligence might be revolutionary for life in the future.
The development of information and technology largely changed our ways of living, studying and working. There are virtual dog-feeding, information transfer, information tree and virtual experiment.

Home of earth

The boom in population and the rapid growth of productivity have led to a series of ecological environment issues. How can we deal with them? Seek together a harmonious co-existence with nature. There are ecological disaster theatre, garbage classification, leaf auto and ecological recycling system.

Animal world

At the Animal World, visitors will be able to understand how animals from the five continents and four plates adapt to different environments. There are American animal community, impression of forest, African animal community, and Asian and European animal community.
Animal World Exhibition Area

Animal World Exhibition Area

Space navigation

The Space Navigation area allows visitors to explore from flying dream dating back to thousands of years ago to models of spaceships. There are four-axis balancer, spacesuit in capsule, Shenzhou V spaceship and achievements of aerospace programs.

Human beings and Health

Visitors can find out the definition, method and lifestyle of health at the Human Beings and Health area. There are physique test workstation, soccer playing, “travelling route” of food in the body, large human body model, and table tennis playing.

Light of exploration

There are Morgan’s fruit fly experiment, Mendel’s Pea Experiment, Relativity Theatre, and Classical Physics Lab.

Spider exhibition

You can cosplay the spider and imitate how spiders communicate.

Science theater

IMAX 3D theater
The IMAX 3D theater is the first of its kind in China. It is able to hold 441 people. The screen is 18.3 meters high and 24.3 meters wide (the height of about 6 floors). The IMAX dual projection system is adopted to provide stable and high definition image as well as vivid 3D effect to make you feel that the scenery is within reach.
IMAX Dome Theater
The screen diameter at the IMAX dome theater is 23 meters and it is able to hold 280people. It adopts IMAX single projector system with a stable and clean image. The screen leans 30 degrees forward to wrap the audience under the dome to present a strong floating and immersive experience.
Iwerks 4D theater
The Iwerks 4D theater is able to hold 56 people. Based on 3D images, it has added special effects like water spraying, wind blowing, vibrations, smoke, and seat-sinking to work with the movie to make the audience totally absorbed in watching.
Space theater
Space theater is able to hold 69 people and is a multi-media dome theater that adopts video stitching, image processing and computer integrated technologies. Audiences are able to experience the excitement and fun sitting in their chairs while feeling embraced by the universe.
Opening hours: 09:00-17:15 (expect Monday)
Address: NO.2000, Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Traffic information: Line.2 subway to Shanghai science and technology museum